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Your Privacy at ITHLUX

The security and privacy of your personal data is important to ITHLUX and ITHLUX Consultants, and we conduct our business activities in strict compliance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

We have made a commitment to make explicit, whenever necessary, how ITHLUX will use your data to ensure that you find your property or that you are selling your property will receive all information immediately and transparently.

This Privacy Policy seeks to explain what personal information we collect about our users, how and why we use them, who we share them with and how we protect their privacy.

1. Who is responsible for your data

Our Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the personal data that ITHLUX collects from the Website .

The references in this Privacy Policy to “ITHLUX”, “us”, “us” or “our” mean Máxima Culpa – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda., Company with headquarters at Avenida de Padua, nº. 3, 1-C, Parque das Nações, 1800-294 Lisbon.

For the purposes of data protection legislation, we are the “Responsible for Treatment” with respect to personal information provided and processed through this website (“Website”).

This Privacy Policy determines what happens to the personal data that you can provide us through the Website.

This Privacy Policy may be changed and updated at any time, with new versions being published on the Website.

If you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal data, how ITHLUX addresses all questions related to privacy or security, you can always contact our information support at .

2. Data we collect about our users

Whenever you refer to “personal data” in this Privacy Policy, it should be assumed that they relate to information that relates to our users and that allow us to identify them, unambiguously, directly, or in combination with other information that ITHLUX may hold. Your personal information may include, for example, your name, your contact details, information about your expectations about a particular property you contacted, or information about how you use our Website, or how you interact with us.

ITHLUX collects personal data from users, for example when they contact us through the forms available on the Platform, explore our Website (even if they only do real estate searches), or contact us by phone. We may also receive personal information from our users through our service partners on our behalf (for example, when you recommend our real estate portal to someone who knows that you are looking for a new home, based on the form we provide for the effect).

The. Personal data that ITHLUX collects, according to the strictest security rules, and that “explicitly provided by our users:

On the page of obtaining the market study , when completing a request for information for the Real Estate Consultant of ITHLUX:

Email address
Mobile Phone
Postal Code
First Name
On the “Contacts” page , if you fill in the form provided for this purpose and regardless of the subject selected:

Email address
Mobile Phone

B. Data that ITHLUX collects, automatically, based on the use of the Platform by the users:

Technical information, in particular the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device that the user is using to access the Platform, the time zone, the operating system and the browser used;
Information about your visit, including the websites from which you access our Website and the websites accessed from our Platform, date and time of the visit, properties consulted, website news, pricing displayed, company information, Mission, Vision and Values, the services of the company, response times of the pages of our Website, interactions with the functionalities made available and other data related to its interaction with the Platform.

The use of the Platform may be monitored (the selection of monitored sessions is totally random and exclusively provided by ITHLUX in order to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the data provided by our users and clients.)

The use of the Platform will also serve to analyze and interpret, in an aggregated and anonymous way, the usage patterns of the Website, thus improving service levels and meeting the expectations of our users and customers.

If you wish to limit the information that ITHLUX automatically collects whenever you use our Website, please consult our Cookies Policy. It should be noted that limiting the collection and use of your personal data may mean that ITHLUX is no longer able to provide the service you are proposing on your real estate portal.

3. Purposes of personal data collected

Based on the information entered by users on the ITHLUX Platform, the Data Processing Manager will promote its treatment in order to achieve the following objectives:

Enable users who use the ITHLUX real estate portal – under the terms of the Terms and Conditions of Service – to be contacted by the ITHLUX Real Estate Consultants, following the completion of the existing form both on the contact page and on the study acquisition page free market;
Respond to users who have contacted ITHLUX, from their Platform, so that we can clarify any questions that have been asked;
Forward to a Consultant of the ITHLUX Network all contacts generated by potential clients who have expressed their willingness to sell their property based on the service that ITHLUX guarantees, so that they can forward these requests to the Real Estate Consultants that are part of your Team.
Regarding the information automatically collected by the Website, based on the navigation that our users have made, it will be promoted in order to continue with the following purposes:

Create anonymous and aggregated information about the characteristics and behavior of users of the Website, including for the purposes of segmentation and development of anonymous profiles (people);
Improve Platform performance;
Promote a more personalized experience, so that the real estate research that you do returns the results you really want;
Measure and monitor the efficiency of the existing highlights in the Platform;
Manage the Platform so as to ensure that it becomes increasingly secure and transparent;
Ensure that any remarketing activities promoted by ITHLUX Real Estate Consultants respect the highest standards of security and privacy.

4. Your rights

Under current legislation, users have the right to oppose, at any time and for free, the processing of their personal data for the purpose of direct marketing or any other form of prospecting. They also have the right to withdraw their consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment we have made based on the consent previously given.

They also have the right to be informed before personal data are first communicated to third parties for direct marketing purposes or used on behalf of third parties, and that they are expressly entitled to oppose such communications or uses.

If users wish to have access to the personal information that ITHLUX has in their possession, it is sufficient that you send us an application to that effect, using the ITHLUX Contact form or by sending an email to .

If any of the information provided by ITHLUX or its Real Estate Consultants is incorrect or inaccurate, users may request their correction from the ITHLUX Contact form or by sending an email to .

Users may also contact us to oppose the processing of their personal data, to request that they be erased, or to limit the handling of such data, as well as to request the right to portability of personal data under and within the limits established in the legislation in force. They also have the right to request the notification of third parties regarding the rectification, erasure or limitation of the processing of their personal data.

In addition, users may also submit a complaint to a control authority which, in Portugal, will be the National Data Protection Commission.

5. Security and quality of information

It is our objective to guarantee the quality and integrity of the information provided by users who use the ITHLUX real estate portal, and in this sense, the necessary measures have been implemented, both technologically and organizationally, in order to keep information safe, accurate, updated and complete.

To ensure maximum security, in the areas of the Website we are committed to not working with third parties and the entire technological development effort is internal to ITHLUX as a way to preserve the data of our users and customers.

6. With whom do we share your data?

The personal data of our users will not be transferred to third parties, except:

Such is required under the law;
The Consultants and Staff of ITHLUX may have access to their personal data for the purposes of managing the Platform, but are subject to an obligation of confidentiality regarding the data to which they have access within the scope of the operations of their IT base.
The ITHLUX Consultants and Staff are duly informed of the importance of complying with this legal obligation of secrecy and are responsible for compliance with this obligation of confidentiality.
By giving your consent, ITHLUX may share or submit your personal data with:

The Site uses Google Analytics for Display services, namely the remarketing feature. This feature consists of showing ads to users who have already visited the Platform.

You can choose not to accept Google Analytics for Display Advertisers and not be exposed to Google Display Network ads. To do this, you can access the Ads Preferences Manager and the Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on .

ITHLUX may promote remarketing practices for online advertising, which means that users who do not opt-out of the Google Display Network using the methods already mentioned may be exposed to ITHLUX ads on the Google content network. Third parties, such as Google or Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, may display ITHLUX ads on sites on their content networks. Third parties, such as Google or Facebook, may also use Cookies (such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick Cookies) that serve to optimize ads based on information from past visits from users on the Website.

7. Where personal data are stored and for how long

The data that ITHLUX collects from its Platform will be stored on servers located within the European Union.

The length of time the data is stored varies according to the purpose for which the information is processed. ITHLUX will keep users’ personal data as long as they are active users of the Website. If a user does not interact with any of the features available on the Website for a period of 3 (three) years, his / her absence from the Platform shall be interpreted as a manifestation of disinterest in keeping an active register and ITHLUX shall endeavor to the Network of Consultants Real Estate Agents so that their personal data are eliminated from all databases in which they appear.

There are legal requirements, however, which require you to retain the data for a minimum period of time. Thus, and whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the data will be stored only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that led to its collection or subsequent processing or, for the period of time authorized by the National Data Protection Commission, terminated which ITHLUX will endeavor to the network of Real Estate Consultants so that their personal data are eliminated from all the databases in which they appear.

8. Technical and organizational measures and treatment safety

All the information that ITHLUX receives from the users of its Platform will be stored on secure servers and, in articulation with our technological partners, we will promote the implementation of technical and organizational measures necessary for any personal data to be protected at a level of security confidentiality and integrity of the data and prevents the destruction, loss and accidental or unlawful alterations or unauthorized disclosure or access to them.

Notwithstanding measures taken to protect your data, any user should be aware that the transmission of information over the Internet, or other open networks, is never completely secure, with the risk that the data will be viewed and used by third parties not authorized. ITHLUX is obliged to alert all Internet surfers that they should take additional security measures, namely to ensure that it uses an updated device and browser in terms of properly configured security patches with active firewall, antivirus and antispyware and, make sure the authenticity of the websites you visit on the Internet, and avoid websites whose reputation you do not trust.

9. Links to other sites

The Website may contain links to other websites, or to other applications, including our partners. If you access one of these links, please note that each will have its own privacy policy and ITHLUX can not be held responsible for these policies. It is advisable to read the privacy policies of other Internet sites before submitting personal data through them.

10. Contacts

For any additional information, or to exercise your rights, you can always contact ITHLUX through our form available on the Contacts page or through .

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