Anabela Mendes


My name is Anabela Mendes, I was born in Almada, but I've lived in Barreiro since I was two!

I started my professional activity at the age of 20 as an entrepreneur in the "Object Advertising" area.
Five years later, the opportunity arose to take on a new project in the catering sector; in another country on the old continent, Luxembourg, where, once again, my fascination with entrepreneurship led me to form a new company and manage several establishments for 25 years.

During this period, I never stopped collaborating in the areas of Real Estate and Advertising.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided to return to my country for good to get involved in an area that I value very much and that fulfils me professionally, which is Real Estate.
After having completed some training in this field and having worked for Remax, the opportunity arose to join ITHLUX's "Real Estate Option" team.

In fact, the way this team works identifies with the way I work in the market, looking for the best solutions for both parties.
Dedication, perseverance, desire, professionalism and honesty are some of the pillars of my way of working.


ITHLUX-NEW REAL ESTATE CONCEPT is an international property brokerage network currently operating in Europe in France, Spain and Portugal, Central America in Panama and South America in Brazil. The company is made up of experienced consultants with proven performance, with an operations centre to produce Technology & Marketing services, in an "Agent & Client Service" logic. With a single international website, international social media and an online agency model, ITHLUX has a distinctive offer with a strong focus on generating leads, creating more and better business opportunities for our clients and for the property consultants in the ITHLUX International network.

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