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Alto da Lapa

Alto da Lapa - Cerro Corá, São Paulo, Brasil, América do Sul

Alto da Lapa is located in a strategic area of São Paulo. Planned in the 1920's by the English urban planner Barry Parker as a garden district, it is one of the most wooded neighborhoods in São Paulo, with several squares, parks, and ample leisure options.The tranquil atmosphere [...]

Alvalade, Lisboa

Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal, Europa

Alvalade A neighborhood designed for everyone! Planned from the beginning to integrate housing for various social groups, collective facilities, small and large scale commerce and services, Alvalade is a neighborhood that still displays the spirit that led to its planning: just a few minutes of [...]


Arruda dos Vinhos, Lisboa, Portugal, Europa

Arruda dos Vinhos is a Portuguese village in the district of Lisbon, Central region and West sub-region, with 13,391 inhabitants (2011). It is the seat of the small municipality of Arruda dos Vinhos with an area of ​​77.96 km² and 13,391 inhabitants (2011), subdivided into 4 parishes. The [...]

Av. da Liberdade, Lisboa

Av. da Liberdade, Lisboa, Portugal, Europa

Avenida da Liberdade is one of the main avenues in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, which connects Praça dos Restauradores to Praça do Marquês de Pombal. Approximately 90 m wide and 1100 m long, it has several lanes and wide sidewalks decorated with gardens and a Portuguese [...]

Avenida Balboa

Panamá, Avenida Balboa

Let yourself be charmed by Balboa Avenue, the most modern and widest avenue in Panama City, and one of the main financial centers of the city.   It is known as the "Dubai of the Americas" because of its modern skyscrapers. It has a fantastic preserved historical center, called [...]


Badajoz, Estremadura, Espanha, Europa

ITHLUX-NEW REAL ESTATE CONCEPT is an international real estate agency network, currently deployed in Europe, France, Spain and Portugal, Central America, Panama and South America, Brazil. The company is made up of experienced Consultants with proven performance, with an operations center to produce [...]

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